Letter from woman involved in recent NWCH crash

Hi everyone, I'm Tina

Unfortunately I am the innocent person involved in the accident on Thursday afternoon. Don't ask me for details, that's up to Major Crash unit to sort out and release what information they deem the general public needs to know. Thankfully I am going to be ok, some healing to be done but I am alive and that's all that matters to me.

I would like to send huge thank yous to the public who came across the accident and helped and the ladies who stayed with me, rang my husband and my sons work. I can't thank you enough.

The lady from his work who stayed with him until I arrived at the hospital and my husband also arrived, thank you for your compassion xx. Sharkbay man - thanks for the pillow, made the roadside more comfy under my head xx. Please next time you are in Northampton let me buy you a beer.

The police, ambulance, off duty fireman, the doctors, nurses, orderlies, xray techs and anyboa\dy else who has assisted me since Thursday thank you from the bottom of my heart xx You all do an amazing job and your care could not have been better xx

To the people who see posts announcing accidents on sites like this please STOP asking for details of cars and names of people. There are protocols that have to be followed and if you need to be contacted by authorities you will be. Don't go saying 'oh but I have friends who travel that road'. Instead of sitting on social media actually ring your friends and family to ensure they are safe. If you don't get an answer try again or try another friend. My husband and our son were both at work and our daughter was overseas. They needed to be told of the incident before reading about it on social media.

To the people who hear gossip and continue it on, STOP. We have heard rumors about the accident that are just utter bullshit. Unless you are 150% sure it's correct when told to you don't repeat it. You're not helping anything or anyone.

To the people who immediately blame the road FFS STOP. There is nothing wrong with the road, it is the dickhead drivers who have no consideration for other road users. I do 2 return trips a day between Northampton and Geraldton daily, the road is fine. There are overtaking lanes and safe areas to overtake if you need to. But daily I see people using mobile phones, people overtaking on double white lines, on bends etc. The limit on the road is 110kph and yet I have been overtaken like I am standing still.

I love my family and enjoy going home to them each and every night, so please slow down, stop using phones and concentrate on your bloody driving. There is more than just you on those roads!

- Tina