A memorial gift for Greenough murder victims' family

A community member has decided to put together the following project for the family of the Greenough murder victims. 

"Another anniversary of the Greenough Murders draws closer. As a community we have all spent a long time angry, hurt and confused by this senseless act of violence. We each lost a friend, a member of our community - and with it, a part of our own innocence was lost. These feelings have never left the family of Karen, Daniel, Katrina and Amara. For them it is something they remember every day. For some years now I have been in contact with Karen's sister Evelyn. We've shared memories and frustrations, with many of the good memories and knowing her family are not forgotten, helping her everyday to keep fighting. This year, I'd like to put together some positive support from within our community, a small gift Evelyn and her family. I'd like to create a digital wall of memories. Of OUR memories of our time with the family and invite you all to play a part. If you'd like to be involved, it is very simple .... and it doesn't matter how small a memory it may be. Perhaps something adorable one of the girls did... or a fun moment shared with Karen or Daniel. A hug that made you feel like you'd found your best friend - right there. Simply email your memories to ourcommunitywall@gmail.com and they will be added to a new blog being established, to go live on the eve of February 21st. There will be no limit on the word count and you may choose whether your memories are published with or without your name. Please aim to have your memories sent through by February 18th to be included in the launch."
Melanie Comito