Paul Brown nominates for Seat of Geraldton

Paul Brown with wife Rebecca, son Jack and daughter Jaymee.

Paul Brown with wife Rebecca, son Jack and daughter Jaymee.

Nationals WA MP Paul Brown has today confirmed his intentions to contest the Seat of Geraldton in the 2017 State election.

Mr Brown said he had officially nominated for the position this week after much discussion with family, friends and colleagues around the move.

“There are many reasons why I’ve decided to contest the seat of Geraldton, but ultimately, it comes down to ensuring the people of Geraldton have a strong voice to stand up and fight for their best interests in State Parliament,” Mr Brown said.

“Living and working in Geraldton, I hear feedback that the people of Geraldton want to see change. Geraldton is a major regional centre and a key player in regional WA and I want to help see it reach its full potential.”

Mr Brown said Geraldton residents felt like they had missed out on opportunities in recent years.

“Projects like the Oakajee Port, the Geraldton Hospital, and economic revitalisation of the town have slipped by the wayside because there simply hasn’t been that drive in State Parliament to make these projects happen.

“The Nationals WA have a strong track record of delivering for regional Western Australia, and I want to see Geraldton get its fair share.”

Mr Brown said The Nationals WA had a history of challenging the status quo – with Brendon Grylls, Wendy Duncan and Mia Davies all vacating safe seats in 2013 to safeguard the future of Royalties for Regions.

“Leaving the Agricultural Region to contest the Seat of Geraldton might be a risk, but the greater risk would be not to do it and leave Geraldton’s future to city-based decision makers.”

Mr Brown said the 2017 State Election was particularly important for voters outside the metropolitan region – with changing electoral boundaries abolishing the electorate of Eyre to create a new electorate in Perth.

“Less country seats and more city seats means regional voters need to make sure they have a strong regional voice in the Parliament that will represent their interests and have the capacity to deliver,” he said.

“The people who choose to live and work in great regional communities like Geraldton deserve better than having their voice lost in a party room dominated by Perth politicians.”

The Nationals WA will pre-select for the Seat of Geraldton on April 30.