Tax claims easy with myDeducations

Member for Durack Melissa Price is encouraging workers in Durack to tally work-related deductions using the myDeductions tool within the ATO’s phone app. 

“The 2015-16 financial is going to be the first time taxpayers can use the myDeductions tool to complete their return,” Ms Price said. 

“In the 2014-15 financial year, 8.4 million individual taxpayers claimed work-related expenses. 

“Rather than storing the piles of receipts at home, this is a great tool to ensure all work-related expenses, including car trips and donations, are stored and accounted for electronically.  

“All work-related expenses in the myDeductions tool can be uploaded when tax returns are being filled in, or sent directly to the tax agent.” 

There are three simple rules for workers in Durack to follow:

Ø The money needs to be spent themselves

Ø The expenses must be work-related and

Ø There must be a record to prove it.

 “While people incur different expenses during the year it is important for taxpayers to check what they are entitled to, based on the type of work they do,” Ms Price. 

“I encourage workers to download the ATO app and use the myDeductions feature, if they haven’t already.” 

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