How the City of Greater Geraldton ranks in comparison to councils from around WA

'Business News' recently put out their 2016 Book of Lists. If you can get your hands on a copy it's a fascinating read. They also have the latest data online for subscribers. One of the areas they cover is local governments. 

We were curious to see how the City of Greater Geraldton compared to other councils around WA in different categories. 

Here's how Greater Geraldton ranks in several categories, as at the end of the last financial year:

By Total Revenue

16th with $76,090,000. That's more than Fremantle.

The highest was City of Stirling with $207,440,000

By Area

32nd with 9,889 km2.

The largest local government area is Shire of East Pilbara with 371,696km2.

By Population

15th, with 41,087.

The largest is the City of Stirling with 227,367 followed by City of Wanneroo with 188,000.

By Total Rates Levied

15th, with $39,460,000. That's slightly less that Karratha, and a tad more than Fremantle. 

The highest was City of Stirling with $122,282,000.

By Profit and Loss

According to figures published by Business News, City of Greater Geraldton ran a profit of $4,350,000 last fiscal year, the 30th highest in the state. The City of Karratha was highest with $108,670,000.

By Total Assets

Geraldton was 11th with $888,280,000. 

By Total Liabilities

5th highest in the state, with $54.32m

This is up from $37.6m the previous year. 

By Total Staff

20th, with 334.

By Number of Dwellings

19th, with 15,659

By Number of Electors

17th, with 23,696 people. 

Interesting notes:

The City of Perth only has 10,385 electors, with a population of 21,860. 

The Shire of Chapman Valley has 774 electors and a population of 1,174.

The City of Stirling is by far the most populous local government area in WA at 227,367 and has over 92,000 dwellings.