Mother asking for help after son attacked by dog in Mt Tarcoola

A local mother has reached out to EG asking for help from the community after her son was bitten this morning by a dog. 

If you know anything or can assist, please email Everything Geraldton and we will pass your info along. 

"IMPORTANT!!!! If anyone was in the Tarcoola area near the park and the shops around 7am this morning and saw a lady in her late 50's early 60's with brownish red short hair walking 2 dogs one white and one golden/ginger, I would LOVE TO KNOW. One of her dogs bit my 19 month old son on the face while he was getting on the slide at A CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND!!!! She didn't even say sorry to my husband, she said "dogs will be in the naughty corner" and rushed off. My husband obviously caring for our son and running home with him to get to the hospital, didn't get a chance to get any information from the lady. So please if anyone knows/saw her could you please let me know. A dog biting any child is a serious problem, and I do not want this to happen to any other children!!!!"

10am- Update from the mum: "Thank you so much to everyone for the comments and Shares. We think we have found her. Just waiting on the Rangers to call me back to make a report now. Thanks again. And our little man is doing good. Just some butterfly stitches and some antibiotics, but it will leave 2 scars on his face. I just don't want this to happen to any other children, or any human for that matter."

1:00pm update: 

The owner of the dog from this morning's incident has expressed their regret over what happened:

"As the dog owner involved in the incident this morning I would like to express my deepest regret that such a thing happened. Although I did express my most fulsome apologies at the time I understand that this may not have been recalled. I have taken every measure I can at this point, to address the situation and will take all measures to ensure that this cannot happen again. The event was extremely unexpected, however I will not ever again put the dog or another person in any situation where there could be the slightest risk from the dog. The incident caused me great distress afterwards and I would have liked to speak with the mother and father. However I respect their feelings and again offer my most heartfelt regret to all concerned."