This gorgeous 1 month old pony was stolen last night

Elise reached out to Everything Geraldton after her elderly neighbour had this one month old pony stolen last night. 

The pony's name is Sam.

Sam was taken from Webber Rd in Moresby. 

If you know anything please call the owner on 0427 383 443. 

Sam's mother is currently very distressed, "calling out to the baby" according to Elise. 

Shelley Fellows posted in EG Open Discussion that the foal will die if it is not reunited with its mother. 

Update: 4:00pm Saturday 2/4/16

We've just received word that the 1 month old foal that was stolen recently has been reunited with his mother.  

The owners held grave concerns for the welfare of both the mother and Sam, the foal, who needed to be fed by his mother still. 

Sam was reportedly dehydrated, but mother was very happy to have him drink again from her.