Expressions of Interest: Youth Interactive Public Art Project – Youth Precinct

The City of Greater Geraldton is seeking expressions of interest from Australian based artists to create an interactive artwork in the Youth Precinct Area at the Foreshore in Marine Tce. Geraldton.

The City has recently built a new youth precinct (pictured above) which has been designed to primarily attract 12 to 18 year olds. The Youth Precinct is part of a Multiuser Facility Building and part of the overall Geraldton Foreshore redevelopment. The Youth Precinct provides a range of interactive games, including electronic games, and equipment to stimulate physical and social activity between youth.


The proposed Youth Interactive Artwork Project will be guided by the City of Greater Geraldton Public Art Strategy and the masterplan for the activation of the Foreshore and West End Precincts. The Project will also be overseen by the City of Greater Geraldton’s Public Art Committee.

The proposed artwork should add to the engagement and vibrancy of the precinct and should be appealing and interactive, particularly to young people. The artwork project should contribute to the sense of pride young people feel for the space and help young people to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for the Youth Precinct Area. The project is open to artists to interpret and present design concepts for an interactive artwork that engages with young people. The elements of the work can be functional, abstract, sculptural, conceptual and playful. The project concept must be practical and achievable within the budget and time schedule. The commission is to be completed by the 30 June 2016.


The artwork will be situated in the Youth Precinct Area at the Foreshore. See attached for a detailed map. The artist is invited to choose a specific location(s) within this site. The size and dimensions of the artwork needs to fit comfortably within the desired location; not blocking pathways or intruding on existing structures.

The artwork will be located outdoors and needs to be durable to the natural weathering elements of wind, salt and sun. There is limited access to power, gas and water and any service connections need to be accommodated in the overall budget.

Please note this is a site where there is relatively heavy foot traffic, with children and families frequenting the area. An artwork with sharp edges or one that poses a potential hazard is not practical in this area. 


Payments of $500 will be provided to each of the three shortlisted artists to provide and present concept designs, from which one artist will be selected for the commission.

The commission budget for the project is up to $20,000 and must include all costs associated with the commission including but not limited to materials, fabrication, signage, design, artist fees, artist travel and accommodation if required and procurement. .

Selection Process

Expressions of Interest will be accepted up until 5pm 26 April 2016. A selection panel consisting of a representative from the Public Arts Advisory Committee and City staff, in consultation with the Youth Advisory Committee, will make a shortlist of three artists who will be offered the opportunity to present their concept to the selection panel by 12 May 2016

The panel will base selection on the creativity and originality of the design concept, practicalities of making and/or implementing the work, the budget, the proposed timeframe; and the appeal and engagement to the youth sector.

The three shortlisted applicants will each receive $500 and present a detailed design concept description, site drawing timeline and budget to the panel.

A commission will then be offered to one of the shortlisted artists with a contract agreement including scheduled payments and timeframe. It is required that the artist be responsible for their own insurance and public liability.

Expression of Interest requisites:

To be considered for this project, please submit the following:

  • A brief design concept that illustrates the creative ideas and theme for a proposed work, outlines the timeframe for completing the artwork and provides proposed location(s) within the Youth Precinct area with approximate sizing of artwork.
  • A full CV including any demonstrated experience in public art projects.
  • Images of previous public artwork (maximum 10 images)

Expression of interest will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Originality, creativity and intrigue.
  • Capacity to produce and complete a suitable artwork within an acceptable timeframe.
  • A concept that works within the specified budget of $20,000.
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and delivering public art works.
  • The degree of interactivity the artwork will provide and appeal to the youth sector and ability for the artwork to engage with this demographic.
  • Artistic merit including evidence of professional standing within the arts sector.

Once the EoIs have been reviewed, 3 shortlisted artists will be selected to provide a detailed concept. The artists will be provided with a payment of $500 to assist in their development of the detailed concept. Each of the 3 artists will be required to provide:

  • A detailed design concept to present to the panel.
  • A proposed timeframe outlining the commencement, duration and completion dates for undertaking the art work. 
  • Specific location(s) within Youth Precinct.
  • Dimensions of artwork.
  • What materials the artwork will be made from.
  • Considerations for how the artwork will be resilient to the weather conditions.
  • Detailed list of resources needed to complete project, including any proposed access to utilities.
  • Proposed budget.
  • The anticipated lifespan of the artwork and ongoing art work maintenance considerations.

For any further enquiries please contact Eve York, Arts and Cultural Development Officer at: or phone: 9956 6749

Expressions of Interest close 5pm on 26 April 2016 and are to be addressed attention to Polly Banks, Manager Community and Cultural Development and can be submitted either by email to or posted to:

City of Greater Geraldton
Attention: Polly Banks
Re:Youth Interactive Public Art Project
PO Box 101