Funeral assistance requested for 3 month old who died from spider bite

Everything Geraldton has received the following request: 

"I'm writing to ask if u can help with sharing a gofundme account in name of my sister who lost her 3 month old son on monday morning due to a spider bite on his hand? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time
Sheldon Nelly"

The fund raising is for the funeral costs.  

From the Go Fund Me page: 


Such a TRAGEDY to hold yr dying son in your arms.
Marys 7th son Lance born on 28th Feb 2016 has just been tragically taken away from us at 3 months old.
Suffering from a spider bite on his hand this little battler lost his fight for life some 10 hours later after being flown to Perth by the Royal Flying Doctor.

The Nelly Family"