Sand bypassing to slow erosion of St Georges Beach

Erosion of St Georges Beach.

Erosion of St Georges Beach.

Further erosion of St Georges Beach caused by recent storms has prompted the decision to begin sand bypassing to stabilise the area.

Mid West Ports Authority will undertake sand bypassing of St Georges Beach as part of the Northern Beaches Stabilisation Program which involves sand bypassing to the Beresford Foreshore. Approximately 3000m3 of sand will be carted to St Georges Beach between Monday 16 May and Friday 27 May, 2016.

City of Greater Geraldton CEO Ken Diehm said erosion of the popular beach wasn’t a problem in the past but needs to be addressed as community assets are now at risk of falling into the ocean.

“Up until a couple of years ago St George’s Beach was much wider and erosion wasn’t a concern but that’s changed in the past two years and beach erosion has reached a point where infrastructure such as the carpark, trees and the toilet block are now at risk,” he said.

Although sand bypassing provides a temporary solution to the erosion, the City will be engaging with the community to develop a long term solution for the area.

“Beach erosion resulting in the loss of infrastructure and amenities is a real concern for the City and plans will need to be put in place to help us adapt to our changing coastline,” Mr Diehm said.

“The City has already started the process of coastal adaptation planning by conducting inundation studies for the coastline stretching from Point Moore to Drummond Cove.

“We still have one more study to complete for the area from Cape Burney to Grey’s Beach and once this is done we can begin working with the community to develop adaptation plans for the entire urbanised coastline of Geraldton.”

Members of the community interested in learning more about coastal adaptation planning are invited to attend a forum on the topic on Thursday 5 May 2016 from 5.00-7.30pm at the QEII Centre. The forum is being delivered in partnership with NACC, Mid West Ports Authority and the City of Greater Geraldton.  To register to attend contact Sarah Taylor on 9938 0120.