Tariff cuts create more export opportunities for Durack

The opportunities for Durack businesses to export are continuing to grow, with a third round of tariff cuts under the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA).

Member for Durack Melissa Price said tariffs on a further 1200 products have fallen, providing a competitive boost for Australian exporters.

“92 per cent of Australian products are now entering Japan duty-free.  This will increase each year until 2034, when 98 per cent of our goods will enter duty free or receive Australia-only preferential access,” Ms Price said.

Ms Price said the three landmark free trade agreements the Coalition concluded with the major economies of North Asia are creating opportunities for Durack businesses to grow and expand.

“The agreements with Korea, Japan and China form a powerful trifecta, which are opening doors to millions more customers for Durack businesses,” Ms Price said. 

“These agreements are not just for big business and companies that are already active in international markets. They are for small and medium businesses to take advantage of.” 

Ms Price said the Coalition Government had launched a new FTA Portal to help small and medium businesses take advantage of the free trade agreements. 

“Many businesses are looking to export but are uncertain about how to go about it and whether they are price competitive,” Ms Price said. 

“The new FTA Portal seeks to answer those questions. It provides free and accurate information on tariffs under the FTAs so small and medium businesses can easily work out how price competitive they will be. 

“I want to see local businesses taking advantage of the free trade agreements to boost jobs and growth in the Durack economy.”