It's not pole dancing as you know it... but it's a great way to get fit

Have you heard of Pole Fit Calisthenics?

We spoke with Annestasia Jones, an attendee, about the activity.

How long have you been doing Pole Fit?

I have been doing pole for around seven months now I started in late September 2015.

What do you like about it?

I love a lot of things about pole, the atmosphere in the studio, the passion of the instructors, how kind and friendly all the girls are. Pole is not just something to do for fitness, its an addiction and an incredible art form and sport. I am stronger and fitter and more flexible then I have ever been in my life.

Who do you think would enjoy it?

Anyone could enjoy pole if they gave it a go, I myself didn't want to go at first but I did and now I'm an addict, women and men of all ages could feel the same if they gave it a chance.

What other benefits have you found from doing Pole Fit?

I have benefited from pole in amazing ways. Apart from getting fit, strong and flexible it has also helped me grow more confident in myself, realise that I am beautiful and sexy. It has made me feel ten times happier than I did before I started, my self esteem is through the roof all thanks to Pole and the incredible instructor.

Pole Fit Calisthenics can be contacted on 0429 501 451

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