Cat brutally attacked - owner desperate to find it


Sent in to Everything Geraldton today: 

This morning around 8.45am returning home from dropping my children off from school, I was turning into Bayview Street from Newhaven St in Mt Tarcoola when a brown and white bull arab looking dog followed my car home. I was hesitant to open my door as the dog was waiting for me. As i went to open it the dog used its nose to open it further. It seemed friendly enough at the time.

Fast forward 5 minutes when my daughter and I were on the lawn checking the dog's tag, I noticed our black cat was sitting on the garden bed next to the front door. When I went to shoo our cat away, she was sadly mauled by this dog. For 5 minutes this dog shook the shit out of our cat who we have had for 5 years.

The dog took the cat with him up the street while we raced inside to call the ranger.

I just want to ask the public if anyone has seen her as we would like to give our baby a burial and be able to say goodbye.

Thank you