Building site on Polwarth Parade being robbed

Just sent in to Everything Geraldton from a resident on Polwarth Pde, Deepdale. 

"A loud car has been doing laps up and down the street for a hour or so. We heard a loud bang and I looked outside and saw tailights a going very slowly down the street. A few minutes later the same loud car, a v8, had stopped outside the front of my house and turned off the car. I went outside to look what was happening and saw a man putting a 6m long timber into the back of a well body utility vehicle. I asked him what was he doing and he ran to his car. It struck me as suspicious so I took the rego of the vehicle and he sped off quite quickly down the street. I yelled after him that I got his rego. The car turned into a driveway a little way down the street, I couldn't see which but it was very close. I could hear people talking and doors closing. I had a look at the place I thought they had been stealing from and saw a spotlight torch on a pile of timber that had some missing. I rang the police and told them what happened. Two patrol cars arrived within minutes and did patrols of the area. I don't know if they found the people stealing or not but they seem to have left the area now. They collected the torch from the building site. We are sure someone on the street will know who has a dark loud v8 that has been out driving tonight. I would sure like to know who the person is who has been stealing tonight. I sure don't want them on my street anymore!"