Finding meaning through helping others - Letter to the editor

Hi Everything Geraldton,

I have recently moved back to Geraldton after leaving the South West. Upon arrival I sourced help through Center Care for my depression and anxiety. After my final visit and finding myself ready to take some action towards improving my health I inquired into some volunteer organizations. Fortunately for me a voice from behind me piped up a said "Hi my name is Simone (Simone Mahoney) and I run midnight basketball." Simone also manages PCYC in Geraldton. Unfortunately Midnight basketball didn't start for another 6 months.

Like a good fishermen Simone dragged me into her net of fabulous volunteers at PCYC, where I have been able to give back to the community that I once called home. Under the guidance of Simone PCYC is getting busier than ever, hence this cry for help.

The volunteers at PCYC are an amazing mix of people and the array of positions are many. Fortunately the growing workload opens doors for others.

I would love for the people of Geraldton to realise that their community has a treasure in the PCYC and all it has to offer, but organisations like this can't function without the help of its community, and volunteers are a rare commodity.

People of Geraldton, if you feel like making a difference in the community then I can highly recommend being a volunteer at PCYC. Changing the world starts with our youth. So I'm encouraging anyone out there that needs to find some direction in their lives or just has time that could be used in a productive fashion to get in touch with PCYC and get involved with some of the fun and rewarding programs that they have to offer. There are no age requirements, just a desire to have fun and help others is all that's needed.

- Shane Williams