Letter to editor: Mudnutz Event, "I have requested a refund on 3 occasions"


Letter to the editor:

I recently bought and paid for 2 tickets to attend the 2016 Mudnutz event at Murchison Off road Adventures.( 23/4/2016 - 25/4/2016 )

I paid for 2 tickets @ $99.00 each to attend 3 days of events and 2 nights camping.
On Saturday 23/4/2016 at 0830 am we were informed by social media that the event had been cancelled entirely as there had been a direction from Dept of C.A.L.M (conservation and land management) that the proponents had no permission to hold the event.

The proponents of the event declare that they have sole discretion over the event and absolutely no REFUNDS will be given.
I believe as I have received no goods or services for my outlay that I have been mislead and cheated.
To call off the event after many were already at the site any many more still travelling to the site requires further investigation.

I have requested a refund on 3 occasions and have yet to receive a reply. The matter is now with the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

Did the proponents ever have permission to hold the event?
400-500 people at $99.00 per head for an event that never happened and a service that wasn't provided requires further investigation.

I am interested in your thoughts and the thoughts of other readers or others who were caught up in this debacle.

- Kevin Starling


Editor's note: Since sending this letter, the author has also tried ringing Murchison Off-road Adventures on the phone number listed on their website, which does not connect. 

Update: Following the publishing of Mr Starling's letter above, the owners of MOA contacted EG and strongly asserted that Mr Starling was lying. We have viewed copies of the emails he has sent, and also personally tried to ring the phone number provided by MOA. We believe Mr Starling is not lying, and has in good faith followed the steps provided by MOA several times to attempt to get a refund.