Exhibitor sites still available at the 2016 Mingenew Midwest Expo

The Mingenew Midwest Expo is the largest agricultural field day in Western Australia’s Midwest. It showcases the future of farming and agricultural technologies. The two day event plays host to some of the biggest names in the industry, providing an exciting insight into what the agricultural sector has to offer and highlights the technology of tomorrow. This year the Mingenew Midwest Expo is on Wednesday 10th August and Thursday 11th August.

The expo offers a unique opportunity where key decision buyers and sellers meet face-to-face to view the latest in agricultural products, services and information. It offers your business the opportunity to build on existing customer relationships and create new ones.

There are still spaces available for exhibitors, including in the Innovation Hub, the new Micro Hot Site, on the Oval (including new 5x5m ‘Micro’ sites) and the Family Interest Pavilion. 

The Innovation Hub is for businesses like agricultural technology and innovation and R+D displays. The Hub also includes a space to conduct a conference or training session during the Expo.

Also included in the Hub are new Micro Hot Sites which are for exhibitors who only want a static, unmanned information display.

The Oval suits commercial agribusiness and rural merchandise exhibits including banks, grain agents, car dealers, outdoor furniture, camping and caravans, fuel suppliers, hardware and tools etc. A range of sites including new ‘Micro’ 5x5m site are available.

The Family Interest Pavilion becomes the retail Mecca of the Midwest in August with businesses selling wine and food goods (dried fruit, honey, and chocolates), clothing and accessories, handmade items, arts, crafts, education display, furnishings, Manchester etc. Large, small and booth sites are available.

For more information or to apply for an exhibitor site please go to the website – www.mingenewexpo.com.au.