Letter to Editor: Our jobs going to cheap overseas workers

A bit of information for Tradesmen out there who may be finding it a bit tough at the moment.
Are you aware that our Australian Government is actively seeking foreign workers to do YOUR job-STILL?
Linked here is the Skilled Occupation List, issued May 2016.
On this list you will find
Roof plumber
Fitter Turner
Brick layer
Cabinet maker
Ships Office
Ships Engineer
Registered Nurse

How did I come across this?
Someone posted a link on Facebook to an Indian website showing it with hundreds of enquiries from people who will in all likelihood, do your job (and mine) for a pittance.
I thought it was a joke, until I searched it up on the Immigration and Border Protection website.
Perhaps you need to write to your local member Melissa Price here
and ask why, and what she is going to do about this if anything?
Or are you just going to sit on your ass complaining, and do nothing?
Apathy will kill your job, and mine.
You have about a month to do something, to find out where your local member stands, and find out what they are actually going to do.
Just write who you are, what you do and your work situation and ask why foreigners are being sought to take your job.
Doesnt need to be War and Peace.

- Rob.