Take on the Bite’Z Wing Challenge

Do you like chicken wings? Do you want to become the ultimate Wing Slayer?

Then you need to head into Bite’Z Tavern and take part in their Wing Challenge!

The challenge is to eat the most chicken wings in one visit. The staff will judge if you have eaten enough meat off the wings to count, so don’t think you can get away with just taking one bite. Your total wings eaten will go onto the tally chart at Bite’Z and the person with the highest score will win the title of ‘Wing Slayer’ for the month. The winner will receive a Wing Slayer shirt and a free serve of chicken wings anytime they wear the shirt into Bite’Z Tavern.

The official challenge starts Friday 24th June but Jason and Jonesy from the radio station just had to have a go first. So on Thursday they sat down to the first Wing Challenge. It started off with all smiles between the two food soldiers, especially while sitting with Stuart and Kyme from the Rigters Group.

But it didn’t take long for the competitiveness to get the better of them.

Both wanting to win the title of Wing Slayer for June.

And they were off…

But in the end there can only be one Wing Slayer – 
Jason – 30 wings
Jonesy – 28 wings

If you want to be like Jason and claim the title of Wing Slayer make sure you get down to Bite’Z Tavern on the corner of Durlacher St and George Rd, and see how many wings you can stomach.

Let the games begin!