Letter to the Editor: Fed up with builders in Geraldton

Being in Geraldton for five years,and still renting a house,we have decided to start building our own house. One reason being that we have been paying someone else's bond now for five years. The other reason, is that we are not getting younger and it would be nice if we have our own house to retire in. So, we decide on building a house because then you can have your own design and your own choice,right?  

So after saving some money we bought the land...nice big one,no problem there. We started with builder number 1 - he took us to few show houses, and we immediately liked one of them and decide to get the building done, but wanted them to add another metre to the rooms - that's it,no other changes. The gentleman tried his best to talk us out of adding to the house and recon that the house was big enough as it was! As if it is for him to decide!! So we decide to try a other builder - number 2:  He was really helpful and talked with us numerous times,but unfortunately they closed doors and was unable to assist us further. So off we went to builder number 3: He was VERY keen and promised us lots and lots of things. He told us if we find one of their designs that we liked,he will help us change it to our taste. But the minute we had the plan drawn up,changed and printed,his promises soon changed to no more than just talking about it.

So off we went to builder number 4:  He listened to our story,shook his head and told us that we are to get someone to plan our house and pay a fee for it, then that way we have exclusive rights to it. He even gave us an business card from the designer of his choice.
We phoned him and set up an meeting. He very happily came to our house to do the design. Then he said he was scheduled for surgery,but will get hold of us as soon as he can and in meantime will sent us a few of his designs - are still waiting. Eventually, he phoned us after 2 months!! 

So we went to builder number 5:  They told us as soon as we step in the door that they were going on a holiday,but said that they will soon return and in the first week after their return get back to us so we can set up an meeting......we are still waiting!! 

We are now on builder number 6: Our last option because according to the word on the street and customers did not have a pleasant experience with them....we shall see soon.

We are also thinking to just buy existing and leave the building until, one day we can find SOMEONE that is really looking for business and are able to give us what we need,because it is just like banging your head against the wall. Is it really that hard to get what YOU want in Geraldton - it is not that you get it for free or What? 

One unhappy client
Retha Bezuidenhout