Funds for Beresford Foreshore erosion works

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney has welcomed works to address the erosion of Beresford Foreshore in Geraldton as part of a $23.1 million project announced today.  

“This is the first section of Geraldton’s vulnerable foreshore to be addressed,” said Mr Blayney. 

“The project, which is supported by $17.28 million from the Liberal National Government’s Royalties for Regions program, will address an ongoing and expensive erosion problem at Beresford Foreshore. 

“The Beresford Foreshore, located north of the Geraldton marina, is an important part of the Geraldton waterfront and has been severely impacted by coastal erosion in recent years,” said Mr Blayney. 

“Works will soon begin to address the threat to the sensitive coastal environment and critical public and private infrastructure including a protective breakwater extension and an extension to the existing groyne.” 

Mr Blayney said the project will involve off-shore works to mitigate erosion including a protective 100m breakwater extension to the detached breakwater, an extension to the existing groyne and three retaining structures.  

“This project is the outcome of multiple coastal engineering investigations based on extensive wave, current and sediment flow data gathered over a decade,” Mr Blayney said. 

“The detailed sand nourishment and protection structure designs have been heavily scrutinised and peer reviewed by national and international experts.” 

Mr Blayney said the project will reactivate and revitalise the Beresford shoreline making it a more attractive and versatile public space for locals and visitors alike 

The project will be managed by the City of Greater Geraldton and is expected to be completed in 2018.

“I have also surveyed residents of the Drummond Cove area, to better understand their expectations regarding the stabilisation of the coastline, and the consequences of this action.  

“I look forward to working with the Council, state government agencies and the residentsof the affected areas, to find ways to address the coastal erosion issue as a matter of priority,” said Mr Blayney.