Ian Blayney calls on the State Government for Coastal Erosion Assistance

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney has called on the State Government to offer financial assistance to protect Geraldton from the impacts of coastal erosion at Beresford Foreshore and Drummond Cove, two sites of immediate concern.

During a Grievance to the Minister for Transport, Mr Blayney outlined the damage to property that had occurred to date and the vulnerability of millions of dollars of both State and Local Government infrastructure.

“I have contacted 560 households at Drummond Cove to gauge local feeling on this issue,” said Mr Blayney.

“From the responses I’ve received so far, about 68 per cent of the residents are in favour of preserving the current coastline, while 22 per cent consider retreat a more sustainable option.

“In relation to Whitehill Road 89 per cent of the residents wish to retain a road in a similar position.

“Assets at risk along this stretch of coastline include a high voltage electrical cable, a telecommunications cable and sewerage infrastructure. If the coastal erosion extends further inland beyond the tree line, there is significant risk to residential housing,” said Mr Blayney.

The Minister responded that the Department of Transport had been closely involved in the development of a solution for Beresford Foreshore and the Government was in the final stages of considering a long term solution to an ongoing and permanent erosion problem that threatens critical infrastructure and liveability along the priority Beresford coast.

He also thanked the Member for Geraldton for raising the issues with him on behalf of the people of Geraldton, and he looks forward to working with Mr Blayney to find a long term solution for the community.