Letter to Editor: RE Civic Cenre site for Kmart

With regards to the possible use of the current civic centre site to develop a complex such as K Mart, which would then allow the council to develop its premises within the marina precinct, is in my view stratigicly short sighted, and creates more problems than it solves;

The parking and current road networkwithin the CBD precinct around the Civic Center, is currently under pressure during busy periods.

Add a complex the size such of a K Mart into the mix, only increases the pressure on the road and parking networks that are already under pressure, Currently net alone 5-10 years time.

Stratigicaly, In my view it woul be better for the location of a complex like K Mart to be located at the super works site, A green field site that allows plenty of space for future expansion, together with future parking needs and has the highway road network advantage that a location within the civic precinct does not, and that allows for the correct planning of traffic management requirements from day one the rate revenue from commercial, retail development within the Marina precinct should be maximised as much as possible,It is valuable land, and should not in my opinion be used to locate a local government administration building , which is basically the function of a civic centre, within the precinct, Local Goverment buildings don't pay rates, the rates revenue from development of the Marina/foreshore precinct should , In my opinion, be used towards the financial upkeep of  the amenity and maintenance of these precincts

Thank you .

Ron Ashplant.