Petition created to protest mining at Oakabella

An online petition at has been set up protesting a proposed quarry at Oakabella, which is between Geraldton and Northampton. 

Tonya Constantine, who set up the petition, stated that:

Oakabella is a part of the Moresby Range and the Local Planning Strategy states "Developments not in keeping with the landscape qualities such as quarries and rural industry should be located outside the Moresby Range if possible"

The quarry proposal is clearly contrary to the Councils (sic) (Shire of Northampton) own Local Planning Strategy.

Quarrying the rock at Oakabella has long been of interest. 108 years ago, the newspaper "The Geraldton Express" ran an article (link) about the Mayor and Town Clerk journeying to Oakabella to find a suitable place to establish a quarry. 

Click here to visit the petition.