How can I help the Police?

 Make it Tougher For Crooks – Geraldton Police Seek Your Help

Geraldton Police are calling for the community to team up with local Police to tackle crime, to make it tougher for crooks.

In what are on their own, simple steps, small actions that the community can take go a long way to prevent crime and assist Police in a variety of ways.

These are some steps that the community can take to stand against crime:

• Timely reporting of suspicious behaviour – Police need to know what you see when you see it

• Get to know your neighbours – More eyes on the street

• Register your Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) with WA Police through your local Police Station

• Even when at home, lock your doors and windows.  NEVER leave keys in locks and consider what a crook may look for when targeting your home, vehicle or business.These may include valuables left in plain sight, a concealed approach (overgrown bushes etc) and limited or no lighting.