Geraldton Senior and Chapman Valley Primary to become Independent Public Schools


Congratulations to Geraldton Senior College and Chapman Valley Primary School who, along with over 70 public schools, have been announced to gain independent public school status for 2017.

“Being an Independent Public School is about empowering schools to be their own decision makers. We have the staff experience and knowledge to achieve positive outcomes with our students. To be recognised by the Department of Education for us to be able to continue to make the changes needed for the future is extremely positive,” said Greg Kelly, Principal of Geraldton Senior College.

“This status allows greater flexibility in how we operate as a school. We will continue to deliver high quality education for the students of the Geraldton community. We invite our community members to join with us in growing and developing as a public school. This supports our future direction as a public secondary school who offers education for those in Years 7-12 commencing in 2019.”

Application for this initiative and making the decision to go down this track began 6 months ago when staff and the community were consulted in the possibility of applying for this change of status. The application process was thorough and explored all areas of the schools including future plans. School Council chairpersons were involved in the process and lobbied heavily for their schools to be selected.

“Working closely with our parents and community was a valuable part of this process, and together we all worked extremely hard on our application. Becoming an IPS enables our school to continue to grow and improve. We couldn’t be happier with the announcement that we are able to join the ranks of other highly successful IPS schools within our system,” said Mel Hancock, Principal of Chapman Valley Primary School.

“I am excited for a fresh vibe that will come about the school and reinvigorate an enthusiasm for teaching and classroom engagement,” says Caroline Rowcroft, Chair of the College Council at Geraldton Senior College. “The school has so many strengths already and the future continues to look bright.”