Regarding that deadly intersection at Hosken St - Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor

Hosken Street Intersection

I was most concerned to read of your near miss accident at the intersection of Hosken Street and North West Coastal Highway.

It may come as no surprise that this intersection was listed in the RAC’s Risky Roads Survey, October 2015 Report Card at number two for dangerous intersections in Regional WA.

I have been calling on the Barnett Liberal National Government to address this problem since December 2014 following an approach by residents, extremely worried for their safety and the safety of their children.

I wrote to the then Minister for Transport and have asked many questions in the Parliament since, most recently in June this year.  On each occasion I have been told that plans are either not finalised or are still being considered.

Just how long is the community expected to wait to have this matter resolved? It is not good enough.

I only hope we will see a positive outcome and soon before something very serious happens at this dangerous intersection.

Darren West MLC



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