My husband nearly died - Letter to the Editor


My husband got extremely ill on the morning of 17th of August at 2am. He started vomiting initially, I thought he had gastro so didn't panic. By lunchtime I was concerned as he wasn't improving.

I got a doctor appointment but on the way to Dr at 3.50 he started to go down hill fast, so I changed direction and took him to Geraldton regional. He was rushed into resuscitation unit and RFDS to Perth where he spent 13 days in ICU, and was placed in an induced coma. His kidneys and body were starting to shut down.

A few days later we were advised he had salmonella poisoning. As no other family members were sick we believe he may have eaten some takeaway or fast food on Tuesday 16th August.

The only reason I am writing this post is the Health department in Midwest are not investigating as they believe it was an isolated case.

If you or any family members had similar symptoms I urge you to go to the doctor to be checked out, you may still have salmonella in your system. My husband is still on dialysis and is in hospital in Perth quite ill.

This was not a simple illness for him as he almost died from this. If anyone has this it can remain in their system for a substantial amount of time.

My husband was lucky I changed direction and headed to the hospital otherwise we would not be having a fathers day. Please, I just want others that may have been ill to see their doctor and get tested.