This intersection is deadly


To be clear, if drivers never made mistakes there'd be no accidents here.  

But they don't. Humans make mistakes. Our brains make our bodies do dumb things. Whatever. There's no point trying to make 10,000 drivers magically get better at driving. This intersection needs fixing.

I'm talking about the North West Coastal Highway and Hosken St intersection in Bluff Point.   

As I cruised North along NWCH last night, a truck next to me in the left lane turned left into Hosken. A black commodore turning right out of Hosken St decided to pull onto the NWCH despite not having superpowers that allowed them to see through trucks. 

I nearly T boned them.  

The worst thing is this isn't the first time this has happened to me there.  

I probably avoided the accident because I was wary that some idiot would pull out.

And running Everything Geraldton for the last 4 years I've reported way too many car accidents at this intersection for my liking. 

To Ian Blayney and Dean Nalder - Please get this intersection improved ASAP. 

In the mean time, if you can't see if the road is clear, for the love of God don't pull out.