The ‘Ascential Float’ Story

If ‘what is floating?’ is your reaction when someone mentions floatation therapy, then you’re not alone. In fact that was the exact response from the owners of the newly opened Ascential Float, when they first heard it 18 months ago! 

So who are the founding members of the Ascential Float team and why did they decide to open a floatation therapy centre here in Geraldton?

Richie and Roz, and Mark and Gabby are two local Geraldton couples with children and family in the area. They wanted to build a business that would give back to the community they love being a part of. But why floating?


Floating wasn’t something that they knew anything about until early 2016, but as soon as they started to research into ‘what is floating’ and ‘the benefits of floating’ they were completely hooked. They just had to try it for themselves. So off they went and absolutely LOVED it! This is when they decided to embark on the floating journey by opening a health and wellness centre in Geraldton offering floatation therapy, infrared sauna and massage.


They looked around for the perfect property to set up their wellness centre and in May 2016 they purchased the building at 156 Chapman Rd.


It took about 18 months once the renovations started in August 2016 for them to get to where they are today. They will proudly tell you that they all now live, breath and love floating.


Since opening their doors in August they have had a few additions to their team. Robyn and Amy joined the team to assist with running the floats, and Rhiannon, Jemma and Heather joined the team as their massage therapists. They may be a relatively new team but they are excited to be working together and are passionate about what they can bring to the community that we know and love.

If you have any questions the team at Ascential Float are always ready to stop and have a chat. Maybe you’d like to pop in and check out the size of the pods for yourself – they are a lot bigger in person! Guests are encouraged to take some ‘me’ time and soak up the atmosphere in their relaxation lounge while watching the world go by, in front of some amazing ocean views. 


So … if your answer to ‘Have you heard of floatation therapy’ is the same as theirs was, come on down and see what it’s all about.

Ascential Float is located at 156 Chapman Rd, and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Or you can call them on 0413 732 010