Changing the World – one inspirational story at a time

 Inspired Magazine founder Samille Mitchell with the latest issue of the magazine hot off the press.

Inspired Magazine founder Samille Mitchell with the latest issue of the magazine hot off the press.

Kalbarri writer Samille Mitchell is again showcasing the work of inspirational people striving to change the world, with the launch of the third issue of Inspired Magazine.

Inspired Magazine volume 3 takes readers across the globe to meet nine inspirational people working to make the world better.

It features people like the can-do Aussie Gemma Sisia, who is transforming lives for Tanzania’s bright but poverty-stricken children with free schooling in Africa.

It tells the tale of American man Conor Grennan’s bid to reunite stolen Nepalese children with their families. It shares the heartbreaking story of Live Your Legend founder Scott Dinsmore.

And includes a new feature on ethical travel with a story about a trip into the pulsing jungles of Borneo, plus more.

Samille, who founded the magazine three years ago, said she was extremely excited to have Inspired’s third issue back from the printers.

“I can scarcely believe we’ve managed to pull together the third issue of the magazine,” she said.

“And this year we’ve gone national – it’s amazing to think Inspired Magazine will now be in newsagencies across the country.”

Samille said it had been a testing road bringing the third issue to print.

“Producing a print magazine at a time when such magazines are in serious decline was probably not the most sensible business idea!” she said.

“There have been many times when I’ve questioned what I’m doing dedicating so much time and effort to telling these stories.

“But I’m so seriously passionate about sharing the stories of inspiring people that I just don’t seem to be able to give it up.

“I really think the media could do with a dose of hope and inspiration to help counter the negativity and political bickering that makes up so much of the news.”

Samille said producing a national magazine from her home office in Kalbarri had also posed some challenges.

“But I love that I can connect with all these amazing people all over the world, while still getting to live in a town that I love.”

Inspired’s first two issues were produced thanks to crowdfunding campaigns supported by a whole host of generous people. The third issue has been made possible thanks to partnerships with profit-for-purpose businesses.

Inspired Magazine is available in Geraldton at newsagencies, Pollinators, Flow Vitality, or by ordering online at