Feature: Batavia Coast Marina


The Batavia Coast Marina is a serene spot to take the kids, or relax with your friends.

With beautiful views of the dancing boats on the glistening water, it is a great location to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air.


There is a playground for the kids to band up and ward off pirates from their ship.

The rocks are lovely for spotting crabs, relaxing and practicing your skimming skills. 


The jetty is an awesome place to get dirty and do some fishing.

The location is super central, walking distance from the Museum, the Foreshore and café/restaurant, Skeetas.

The Batavia Coast Marina was set into plan as early as 1988 and opened in 1995. It was a $14,000,000 project that attracts tourists all year round and truly was a wonderful development.

The Marina is a fantastic spot with something for everyone, see for yourself!