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Croquet, what is it?

Croquet is a sport that includes a mallet, 4 balls and hoops that you hit the balls through.

The Geraldton Croquet club is located on the corner of Maitland Park on the west side. It has been running since 1908.

People often think croquet is for older people but it can be for all ages. To join you have to be 10 and over. While doing Croquet you will get fit and make some new friends.

When I was asked by a friend to go and have a game at “Come and Try” day I was like sure, not really knowing what it was all about. I knew where the place was because we had driven past it quite a number of times and would often see people playing but that was all. My parents were like “Really, all right, then have fun”.

Well when I went, I wanted to go again and again as fun is what it was. I am now a member and even though I am going to school in Perth this year, I am able to play when I come back on holidays. Today there were 6 of us playing and we were all around the same age which was pretty cool. We all had lots of fun, met new people and learnt new skills and techniques.

Abby Hennighan and Sophie McQuie – after a ‘good fun’ game!.png

There are two types of croquet you can play. Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. In Golf Croquet if one person hits the ball through the hoop all the players go to the next hoop, but in Association Croquet all the players have to hit the ball through the hoop before moving to the next hoop. The other members are very helpful and give us a good understanding of the game, the rules and how to score.

The club mallets are for hire for only 5 dollars for 6 months. Croquet is one of the many sports I have tried and it is one of my favourites. Everyone at croquet is kind and caring.

For more information please go to the website Geraldton Croquet Club or call in as the members are all very helpful.

Thank you

Abby Hennighan

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Pic: Abby Hennighan and Sophie McQuie – after a ‘good fun’ game!