Why Visit Geraldton?

1. Sometimes the sky lights fire and as scary as it sounds, its pretty superb

2. At the right time of the year, the countryside goes crazy in wildflower growth

3. Geraldton is a fishing and farming town located on the seaside, incase you were unaware

4. If you don’t like the town, you can escape via sailing boats, aeroplanes, buses, surfboards, paddle boards, kite surfing or wind surfing, maybe even swimming if you're not going too far (oh, and jet skis if you can find any)

5. Geraldton has a spectacular history which you can be informed of at our HMAS memorial or the Geraldton museum

6. If being by the water isn’t your thing and neither is learning about our captivating history, Geraldton is home to many sporting clubs as well as a speedway and go-kart track.

This article was submitted as part of the Young Voices program.