Staff Appreciation Day at Strathalbyn Christian College

Have you heard about the National Day of Thanks?
This year it was held in May and it’s an opportunity for people to say thank you to the people around you. Sometimes we take people for granted. For example, the bus driver or the rubbish truck driver. We would rarely run out to the road to say thank you for collecting my rubbish. What would happen if we did? Well, I suspect that the Rubbish Collection person would feel really happy that someone has recognised and appreciated the work that they do. So, it’s important to say thank you once in a while.

At school, there are many areas that have to work together to prepare for each day, such as Administration, Library Staff, IT, Grounds People, Bus Drivers, Teachers and Education Assistants. We all have a job to do however it’s nice to hear a thank you every now and then.

At Strathalbyn Christian College they take the time to appreciate each other and they set aside one day particularly to say Thank You - Staff Appreciation Day.

On this day, students can dress up as Teachers and Teachers can dress up as students. The students had lots of fun dressing up as their favourite teacher or staff member. Students prepare Certificates of Appreciation that they present to the Teachers and Staff of the College in recognition of the work they do each day.

Cleaning staff – Ronell Neveling, Claire O’Brien, Chanelle Wennekes, Skye Hogan and Caraline Harrold

Relief teacher – Michelle Lake and Hannah Easton

Teachers – Jarad Grimsley, Jenine Steenekamp, Khatarina Rahayu, Kristen Fenby and Lachlan Anderson

Principal Mr Gavin Hirschhausen and Year 2 Student Theo Hollander Dressed up as Mr Hirsch

Mrs Fiona Davidson (Communications Officer) and student Minna Hilton (Head Girl), Minna is dressed as Mrs Davidson.