Enrolment reminder for Local Government election

With Local Government elections less than three months away, residents and ratepayers are reminded to ensure they are enrolled to vote and have their say in the future of the City of Greater Geraldton Council.

By simply going onto the WA Electoral Commission website, people are able to check their enrolment to ensure they have the chance to say who runs their community.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said it was important for the local community to vote in the election to ensure they felt confident that the Councillors in their ward would represent their needs.

“Our community is very passionate and vocal when it comes to topical issues and the best way to ensure their voice is heard at Council is through their ward Councillors,” he said.

“Council makes big decisions for our community from providing significant services through to community infrastructure and our Councillors are the voice of the people.

“A strong Council forms the foundation of an effective and efficient Local Government and I urge residents and ratepayers to assess the candidates and vote in this year’s election.”

Just one in three eligible Geraldton residents voted in the 2015 election and this year participation is strongly encouraged among under-represented sections of the community including women, Aboriginal people, young people, and those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

People who are ineligible to enrol to vote, such as non citizens, but are ratepayers are also entitled to vote in local government elections, as are ratepayers who are enrolled to vote in other parts of the country.

Local government elections take place on Saturday 21 October 21 2017. 

Enrolment forms are available at post offices, the Western Australian and Australian electoral commissions and local government offices.

To check your enrolment head to www.waec.wa.gov.au before 5pm on 1 September 2017.