National Recycling Week; find tips on Member for Durack Melissa Price’s Facebook page

National Recycling Week starts today, and Federal Member for Durack and Minister for the Environment Melissa Price urges everyone to do their bit to reduce the massive amount of waste generated across the Durack electorate – and the nation.

“We all have a role to play in reducing the almost 67 million tonnes of waste we generate each year, and be conscious of ways we can increase recycling and save the environment,” she said.

“That’s why the Federal Government has committed to updating the National Waste Policy and setting a clear vision for our recycling industry.

“We have delivered a National Food Waste Strategy to bring together actions by governments, researchers, business and the community to halve food waste by 2030,” said the Minister.

In addition, the Government has provided nearly $50 million to support research and action to meet this goal.

In September, new National Packaging Targets were launched by industry and supported by the Federal Government. The new targets are that by 2025:

·         70% of plastic packaging to be recycled or composted

·         30% average recycled content across all packaging

·         Phase out problematic and unnecessary single use plastic packaging through re-design, innovation or alternative delivery methods

“Recently, I launched the industry-developed Australasian Recycling Label,” the Minister said.

“This is a simple labelling system that gives people the information they need to recycle when it matters most – the few seconds when they’re deciding which recycling bin or collection point to use.

“As part of National Recycling Week, I will post on my Facebook page seven recycling tips over seven days this week, and I encourage Durack residents to visit my page each day of the seven day campaign to embrace the tips and share them to your friends’ Facebook pages.”

You can find Minister Price’s Facebook page by going to MelissaPriceDurack.