City cracks down on illegal motor vehicle storage

PHOTO CREDIT: James Elsby: Daily Mail Australia

PHOTO CREDIT: James Elsby: Daily Mail Australia

The illegal, dangerous and unsightly storage and dismantling of numerous vehicles on residential and rural residential land is being targeted by the City in an effort to improve community health, safety and amenity.

City of Greater Geraldton Chief Executive Officer Ross McKim said the City takes these illegal activities very seriously.

“The City may prosecute owners or occupiers of residential or rural residential land who breach planning, development and building regulations,” he said.

“A recent investigation into complaints regarding a landowner who was effectively using their residential property as a vehicle wrecking yard, storing over 20 unregistered or wrecked vehicles, resulted in the prosecution of the non-compliant property owner.”

The storage of multiple vehicles on residential properties is also an eye sore and can pose a number of safety, environmental and public health concerns.

“Vehicles, in any state of disrepair, stored on residential or rural residential land can seriously detract from the aesthetic value of neighbouring properties,” Mr McKim said.

“These vehicles are also a fire hazard, can release oils and other toxins into the ground, attract pests such as snakes and rats and are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes as rainwater often pools inside vehicles with broken or missing windows.

“The City will work with residents to ensure that their residential areas and street scapes are maintained and are not degraded by inappropriate industrial or commercial type activity adversely impacting their lifestyle, the general amenity and diminishing the value of their homes,” he added.