Proposed Alignment Dongara Northampton Transport Corridor (DNTC)


The Shire of Chapman Valley has erected a sign at the location where a Heavy Haulage Road Train Route is being advocated by Main Roads WA (MRWA) and the Mid West Development Commission (MWDC).

“The Shire of Chapman Valley is vehemently opposed to the route being proposed and has been trying to promote a preferred route, which incorporated the existing North West Coastal Highway (NWCH) and Oakajee Narngulu Industrial Corridor (ONIC)” Cr Farrell said.

“The route being proposed by MRWA and MWDC bypasses the Oakajee Industrial Estate and will sterilise land across a large section of the Shire. We have seen the ONIC corridor sterilise land for decades because the State Government drew a line on a map, yet refused to acquire the land from the landowners. We do not want to see this happen again with the DNTC proposal” Cr Farrell said.

The Shire encourages all landowners, either directly or indirectly affected by the MRWA & MWDC proposed alignment of the DNTC, to contact these two organisations and their local members of parliament to express their concerns.