Plastic recycling bin vandalism sparks review

The remainder of a plastics recycling bin located Drummond Cove that was lit on fire by vandals.

The remainder of a plastics recycling bin located Drummond Cove that was lit on fire by vandals.

The vandalism of a plastic recycling bin located in Drummond Cove has sparked the review of bin locations to ensure the safety of all sites.

On May 18, vandals lit fire to the recycling bin located beside the foreshore ablution block destroying the bin and damaging part of the building’s veranda, which has since been repaired.

City of Greater Geraldton Chief Executive Officer Ross McKim said a review of the blue plastic bin locations is now underway.

“There are 18 blue plastic bins locations throughout the City and we have begun reviewing these sites to address any safety concerns such as proximity to other structures and ease of servicing,” he said.

“Although the plastic bins are currently the property of the Northern Agriculture Catchment Council (NACC), the plastic recycling program is serviced by MEEDAC.”

Plastic and cardboard waste is managed through the City’s Reuse and Recycle Shop located at Meru Waste Facility.  This includes the careful sorting of plastic materials to remove contaminates such coloured plastics and lids and labels from bottles and containers. The plastics are then pressed into bales for transport to Perth where they are sold and shipped to China.

Although China is still accepting foreign waste, they have imposed new restrictions and will only accept material with a contamination level less than 0.5 per cent.

Despite this minor setback, the City still supports plastic recycling.

“City staff are currently in discussion with NACC and MEEDAC on how best to support the plastics program, which will ensure Type 1 and 2 plastics continue to be diverted from landfill,” said Mr McKim.

“Should the review result in any changes of bin locations, the City will notify the community via our website and social media channels.”