Being a Better Man From Caveman to Great Man Workshop


Do you ever feel like your anger might be getting out of control? Do you have trouble calming down when you get angry? How do you express these feelings?

Being a Better Man is a 6 week programme of psychoeducational workshops which has been developed by Centacare Family Services in Geraldton, WA to assist men who use destructive and offending behaviour to others and themselves.

This unique, innovative and intensive programme combines recent advances in neuroscience and their applications in understanding and re-designing an angry brain.

The Being a Better Man program will require 1.5 – 2 hours per week in a group of up to 12 participants, with a facilitator guiding the course. The primary objective of this programme is to:

  • Learn about the brain, anger and reactive aggression.
  • Learn how to identify and assess anger.
  • Recognize the impact of unhealthy expression of anger on physical health and relationships.
  • Enhance skills and confidence in applying strategies of cognitive neuroscience in controlling anger and offensive behaviour.