Member for Geraldton elated that Southgate is saved

The decision to refuse the approval of Amendment No. 4 of the City of Greater Geraldton Town Planning Scheme NO. 1A is welcomed by Local Member for Geraldton, Ian Blayney MLA.

“The amendment initiated the planning scheme to rezone the land at Southgate for development purposes”, said Mr Blayney.

“Given the significance of the Southgate Dunes in the region, I am pleased development and subdivision will not be implemented.

Mr Blayney said there was widespread consternation throughout the community when changes enabling the subdivision of 780 hectares on Southgate Dunes were reported in the paper in 2016.

“I wrote to the Minister for Planning several times advising against the proposed changes.

“Southgate is an environmentally sensitive area and any disruption to the dunes may impact on local beaches.

Mr Blayney said that he opposed the changes not only because the dunes are a significant natural asset but also because Geraldton already has problems with beach erosion.

“Any disruption to the sand recharge could further exacerbate coastal erosion in the area.

“This will not only detract from the attractiveness of Geraldton’s beaches but will also add to local government costs as they would have to address such effects.

“I am delighted the Southgate Dunes have been saved.”