The good old days

Unfortunately I am now sounding like my father.

I came back from a short holiday and I found myself saying “I remember back in the old days

Diesel was only $1.35/litre not like now $1.60/litre .”

That is what I said, but in this case the old days were only 2 months ago.

What is going on with fuel prices, I am feeling ripped off and over taxed.

I am aware the federal government haul in over a Billion dollars in fuel tax each year.

There is a leak in there tax system because several large companies pay no fuel tax at all

and these companies use huge amounts of fuel.

So as far as I can calculate I pay roughly $1.00 /litre plus tax.

These large companies pay nothing near $1.00.

While on the subject of being over taxed here in WA there is GST on the fuel we buy (after the fuel levy)

36% of the GST collected is returned to the state government, if we received 100% we would not have a state debt

and better roads.

I digress, As a small service business we run 3 vehicles for sales and deliveries and a further 8 vehicles are run by our team of installers . Today I fuelled up one vehicle ,costing $140.00. for 90 litres of fuel. If I had the time I would make my own biodiesel

For a cost of 12cents a litre ,but I see something better on the horizon.

I have eagerly been watching the rise and rise of the Tesla company ,with their production of electric cars and I have

noted that Apple have been employing automotive and electrical engineers from all over the world .If they make an electric car I

hope there batteries are better than their phones.

Electric cars have been widely criticised by the people with the most to loose .

Oil companies ,conventional car companies ,major media have all been unfairly negative about electric vehicles.

I just realised Tesla spends no money with traditional media hence there negative view.

There is huge pent up demand to get away from 100 year old tech that, uses our resources and pollutes the air.

I eagerly await affordable electric vehicles that have a long range between charges and my fleet of oilers will be replaced.

My plan in part is solar panels on the roof feeding a flow battery then charging the electric cars.

Free electricity from the sun running cars that don’t need oil changes and oil filters.

Let’s see how long it is before this is a reality in regional Western Australia.