Member for Geraldton welcomes speed limit removal


Findings from a recent review suggesting that the 80km/h speed reduction was no longer necessary at the Eneabba railway are welcomed by Member for Geraldton Ian Blayney MLA.

“Minister Saffioti has reassured me that the 110km/h speed limit at the three crossings on the Dongara -Eneabba railway will be reinstated after Main Roads conducted a review into the operations of the railway.

“This is an issue that I’ve been pursuing for some time so I’m glad that it’s now resolved”, said Mr Blayney. “I’ll be happy to see the 80km/h signs removed.

“I wrote to the Minister regarding the issue for the first time at the start of the year after constituents had expressed concerns regarding the reduction in speed limit to 80km/h at these locations.

Mr Blayney said that he agreed with constituents who felt that the speed reductions were unjustified considering the line hasn’t been operational for quite some time.

“If there are no trains, there is no danger and therefore no need for a speed reduction.

Having the 110km/h signs reinstated would also help to reduce the costs associated with replacing the signs when they were knocked down by angry motorists.

“Motorists were needlessly being booked for exceeding the limit at these crossings.

“This caused lots of motorists to become angry and in some cases led to motorists knocking these signs down.

Mr Blayney was advised back in January by Minister Saffioti that a review into the maintenance operations of this railway line, including the need for speed zoning, was being conducted and that the results of this report would be available later in the year.

“I followed up on this review with her a couple of months ago and she has advised that the 110km/h signs will be reinstated shortly.

“Thank you to the community for raising this issue with me.”