Mid West Ports Authority

Mid West Ports Authority (MWPA) operates with the values of integrity, caring, courage collaboration and accountability. The Community Respect and Equality (CRE) Agreement for Workplaces is aligned with these values and its aim is to improve the imbalance of equality in the workplace.

During the 2016/2017 financial year the Mid West-Gascoyne Police attended over 50 family violence incidents a week. This is a shocking statistic and even more disturbing knowing that only 33% of women who experience physical violence from a current partner actually contacted Police.

Desert Blue Connect and the CRE Reference Group have developed the CRE Agreement in an effort to stop the high incidence of family violence in our community and make it a safer place to live for everyone.

The CRE Agreement is for workplaces to acknowledge and recognise that family violence is a whole of community social and health issue. By addressing the norms, attitudes and behaviours that create the violence we, as a community, can work towards preventing the violence.

Dr Rochelle Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer at MWPA says, “MWPA has made a commitment to the CRE Agreement by signing the CRE Endorsement Certificate and is taking the actions within the Agreement to increase awareness of equality and stopping family violence in our community. MWPA promotes and advocates for a safe and healthy community.”

MWPA is a strong advocate for equality within the workplace in-line with the UN Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles and demonstrates this through

  • The provision of corporate leadership for equality;

  • Treating all employees fairly - respecting and supporting human rights and anti-discrimination legislation;

  • Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all employees;

  • Promoting learning and development for all employees;

  • Implementing enterprise-wide practices that empower all employees;

  • Promoting equality through community initiatives, and

  • Measuring and reporting on progress to achieve equality.

At MWPA we are proactive and taking steps to create a truly gender equitable workplace. By signing up to the CRE Agreement this is just another step to ensuring that our workplace is safe for everyone.

MWPA is implementing a number of things in support of the CRE Agreement:

· The CRE Agreement Agreed Values and Codes of Behaviour for the Workplace included in employee induction packages.

· Family violence information will be made available to all employees through the provision of equality related resources, professional development and meetings.

· MWPA Enterprise Agreement and employment contracts provide prevention of family violence provisions and supports for employees impacted by family violence.

· Participating in safe work month, including a focus on family violence prevention.

· Participation of MWPA representatives in community family violence events.

· The CRE Agreement workplace logo and hashtags will be displayed on MWPA website and in social media.


To find out how your workplace can be part of the Community, Respect and Equality Agreement call Desert Blue Connect on 9964 2742 or visit www.communityrespectandequality.com.au

If you are in immediate danger call the Police on 000

If you are feeling unsafe or are worried about a colleague or friend you can contact:

· WA Police on 131 444

· The National Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Service 1800Respect - 1800 737 732

·  Desert Blue Connect Geraldton – 9964 2742

·  Sexual Assault Crisis Line – 1800 016 789

· The Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline -  9223 1188 or free call 1800 007 339

· The Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline - 9223 1199 or 1800 000 599

· Kids Helpline (for young people to the age of 25) - 1800 551 800.