2020 Academic Scholarships

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Scholarships available for 2020 are now open. The closing date is 1 May 2019 and the tests will take place in the Geraldton Grammar library on the 11 May. There are three levels of exams; level 1 for students starting year 7 in 2020, level 2 for those students starting year 9 in 2020 and level 3 for those students starting year 11 in 2020.

The scholarships are academic in nature and the exams require the applicants to sit 4 tests. The program is managed by ACER so as to ensure an objective process and further information is available on their website. In order to enrol in the exams, applicants must register at ACER by following this link https://scholarships.acer.edu.au Should you have any questions please contact the Deputy Principal, Mr Derek Lange - derek.lange@gegs.wa.edu.au