Warning to motorcycle & push bike riders in Wandina

Local residents have contacted EG over safety concerns caused by a large concrete block that is not visible to riders coming from one direction, which has been placed on a dirt track near Eakins Crescent and Bellimos Drive in Wandina.

The concrete block appears to have been placed there to deter would-be riders. However, the concern the locals who contact EG hold is that the block is not visible to people coming from the other direction, and poses a serious hazard.

Rangers from the City of Greater Geraldton were alerted to the risk but the community members. However when presented with the safety concerns they said they were told “that it was placed there to stop people using the track. We were told that people should not use the track!

The locals say the concrete block is now something of a “man trap” and they hold concern that “someone will be seriously injured if something is not done to remove this hazard, even another block on the other side of the hill.”