3 awesome gift ideas for the bookworm in your life

I love to see people doing things that they're passionate about. And Marianne Bell from The Book Tree LOVES reading books.

Tomorrow marks the 12th year The Book Tree has been in Marianne's care, and she's developed quite a tight community of book lovers who buy and trade in their reading material.

Everything Geraldton popped in to find some gift ideas for the bookworm in your life and here's three of Marianne's suggestions. 

1. Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The Book Tree has a massive Sci-Fi / Fantasy collection which has been steadily built up over the years. Readers of this genre are spoilt for choice. 


2. War books

Marianne tells us that the military section is very popular. "Guys LOVE war books, gentlemen adore military," we're told. For the war history buffs in your life there's a great selection to choose from. 


3. Marianne's favourite: The Thriller Corner

Watching Marianne drape her hands over the books in the Thriller corner while she named her beloved authors was akin to watching my 7 year old browse through Minecraft videos on Youtube. "I could LIVE in this corner," says Marianne. There's a heap of Thrillers from well known authors, and if you need some advice picking a title, Marianne will steer you in the right direction. 

A lot of the books are in great condition, you can hardly tell they've been read. And some haven't been read at all. 

The Book Tree is located at 170 Marine Terrace opposite The Provincial. 


Get in touch through Facebook

Marianne doesn't have the phone on or EFTPOS, this keeps prices down (so bring cash). But you can ask questions about book titles etc through The Book Tree's Facebook page. Send a message with a title you're looking for or general question and Marianne will be able to help you out. Click here to visit the Facebook page.