Thisiam Empowerment Seminar Series

Walk in the park

The Empowerment Seminar Series is created to allow you the ability to open and become all that you are within. This 3 part series is based on empowering ourselves to the I AM within. It begins as a journey through our inner road blocks – to the obstacles we place in our way – finally emerging as seeing all that we are. This series allows the participants to grow within themselves to becoming all that they are – a connection back to truth and self – the I AM. We work through realigning and balancing our energies and finding our heart space of all that we are. It is a peaceful yet compelling journey – that is set to release new vibrations casting out old beliefs – it is discovering the space of you within – to connect to the IAM. Your greatest source. Breathing and meditation techniques will be taught as well a deep connection to your inner self. Why would you seek empowerment? * You seek empowerment as the strength for you to reconnect you to your life and to allow life it’s greatest connection to you. * You seek empowerment to enable those around you to be their truth and to be inspired by the life they can choose * You seek empowerment to inspire you as all that you are Seminar 1 & 2 One day, lunch included. $250 Venues: Geraldton March 23rd 9.30 Everybody Group Fitness Karratha April 6th 9.30 Karratha International Hotel Albany May 11th 9.30 The Rocks Albany Perth 29th June 9.30 A Place Just to Be Margaret River 26th July 9.30 Quality Inn Yallingup 27th july 9.30 Alchemy Body and Soul Kununurra 21st September 9.30 Pinctada Kimberley Grande Seminar 3—3 hour event $250 October 26th 1pm Venue to be advised -Location: Everybody Group Fitness, Geraldton -Start Time: 23 Mar 2014 09:30 AM -Contact: Thisiam - 99 65 39 33