Public Lecture: Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program

Hear about the latest season of field research undertaken to protect the turtles of Gnaraloo in a free public lecture at the WA Museum - Geraldton on March 18. Gnaraloo Station is a working pastoral station and wilderness tourism business located approximately 150 km north of Carnarvon, adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park and the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, in remote northwestern Australia. The Gnaraloo coastline has significant sea turtle rookeries, with endangered loggerhead (Caretta caretta), endangered green (Chelonia mydas) and critically endangered hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) turtles annually nesting along the coast, generally from November - April. The research findings help with the protection of critical coastal nesting habitats of endangered marine species, biodiversity conservation, inform management activity and increase community awareness of conservation issues. Bookings welcome 9921 5080
-Location: Western Australian Museum Geraldton -Start Time: 18 Mar 2014 07:00 PM -Contact: WA Museum Geraldton 9921 5080